Underground Railroad

Thank  you so much for your enjoyable presentation tonight. We did spend some time discussing the topic following which has never happened before. The slavery period is of great interest to both my husband and I. You have given some good references for us to pursue.

– Joyce Kvaas

We all enjoyed your program immensely! Afterwards, we talked, and were going to form a group to read and discuss the books you profiled. Maybe make some blocks and put them in Our raffle…..

– Betty Price

Jan Doyle gave a presentation at our quilt group on The Underground Railroad. Whether you believe or not that quilts played an important role in the search for freedom, Jan’s presentation was well organized, informative, interactive, and enjoyable. When Jan transforms into “Auntie Jan” the entire group was engrossed by her story telling.

– Jacqui Murphy

Jan is a fun, interactive, entertaining and educational speaker who was able to engage and keep the attention of about seventy-five teens with her presentation on Quilts in the Underground Railroad:  Fact or Fiction.

– Patty Sullivan, Advisor to First Congregational Church Pilgrim Fellowship

I was so impressed with you during your presentation last Wednesday to the Belknap Mill Quilt Guild. You are my favorite presenter. What struck me as being so impressive, was how you interacted with the members, both before and during your presentation. That was wonderful and something I had not seen before. You made me feel like I was important to you and not just your topic. Good job!
Thank you so very much.

– Mary Jo Vick

I really enjoyed your talk today. Your presentation covered a lot of material and I appreciated that you didn’t try to lead the listener to a conclusion. I’m still ‘undecided’ if quilts really were used to guide travelers on the Underground Railroad.

– Del

Creating Art with Thread Painting

I have attended Jan’s workshop on Thread Painting where she showed several of her pieces. All are stunning and a tribute to her talent. The class focused on the techniques involved while we worked on a panel of our choice. Jan spoke about what makes a good panel or photograph selection, thread options, and other aspects of thread painting.

– Jacqui Murphy

Fun Projects With Your Photos

As a photographer, you naturally think of post-processing and making digital or paper prints. And then you put your camera away until the next field trip.
But Jan’s class opened up a world of new possibilities for my photos. It was interesting to learn about so many different ways to use the images I love.
Plus, Jan is a natural teacher. She engages with every member of the class and makes it fun to participate in the subject she is teaching.
Can’t wait to sign up for her next class and see all the new projects she has created.

– Colleen Reilly

Free Publicity

Jan is a dynamic speaker and teacher, sharing her wealth of knowledge on using local TV as an effective means of communication and branding.  As a series host, she has a keen insight into the inner workings of local productions.  She knows how to make her on-air guests feel comfortable, and similarly, is a wonderful learning resource for her students.

– Mark Bowie, Outdoor Images

Jan’s seminar, “Get Your Name Out There: Free Publicity with Cable and YouTube”, offers lots of great tips and info to get started with your own TV show or YouTube Channel. Not only does Jan give you helpful information, she makes the learning process fun!”

– Hazel Meredith, APSA, HonNEC

Smart Phone Photography for Flowers and Gardens

Excellent Program! Humor with lots of good information.

– Irene

Loved the humor and of course all the info. Thank you.

– Betty

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